Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not That *I* Need To Remind You

Today is MOOKDAY!

BBT Stalwart, and the only connection other than The Big Game to previous BBTs, The Mookie is tonight!

It is Wednesday, right? I have no idea any more.

Sign up, play, disconnect at inconvenient times! If you aren't there, you ain't anywhere daddy-o!

Watch as I luckbox my way to the middle of the pack! If there's 104 people, I'll be out 52nd! (If the hero kills 100 demons, I'd be the forgettable number... 39 [wow, 2 Evil Dead: The Musical songs in one day. Search the Internet for the 1st] )

You may pay for the whole seat... BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED... well, it's actually not a "seat" per se, as it's an online game, so wherever you're sitting, you've probably already long ago paid for it and gotten a fair bit of use. You'll pay your total buy-in, and you'll actually need all if it to play, so maybe this isn't quite like a monster truck show.

Anyway, Mookie. 10pm EDT. Full Tilt Poker. Password: vegas1. Rock on!

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