Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heroes Was Pretty

So I "watched" Heroes last night. I was paying more attention to the PPI/Riverchasers game on my laptop, which is problematic when Hiro and Ando are on screen. The writing is still sloppy and lazy, but at least they're going places again.


Hiro's got his expected neutered powers back. With the other occurences in the episode, it looks like flying is the only way to get anywhere quickly now. This is a good thing - Hiro controlling time = good. Hiro travelling through time = bad.

The method of achieving this restoration of power? Somewhat lame. But it does tie into season 1 again, as does the the completely expected revelation of Rebel. A shame that Micah had such a rude awakening to the truth about politics.

Anyway, some cool moments did exist, but the real strength was the visuals (with the exception of Matt & Daphne's scene, that was sub-basement level budget green screen there). The cold snap looked really cool, as did the shattering afterwards. The wink was fucking retarded.

So yah... umm... the DP can keep his job I guess.


Jordan said...

I thought it was one of the best episodes in a long while. That coldsnap scene was awesome. The blink at the end though is obvious a hint that she'll be back, somehow reconstituting herself from the melted water that was her ice-body. From a comics perspective, seeing her turn into a moveless piece of ice was kinda cool, since the traditional Ice Man character would turn into moveable ice, which makes little sense. Still, she shouldn't have turned into ice at all. Still, overall, it was an above average episode.

Astin said...

Yah, unless it was a farewell wink. If they wanted to show she wasn't dead yet, then they should have shown a couple melted pieces moving together to reform or something. They rip off everything else, they might as well take directly from T2, right? :)

If Tracy starts sliding around on ice-bridges shot from her hands though...

It wasn't a terrible episode, but it'll take more than above-average to restore my faith in the show.

Another point I liked was Matt's increased control of his powers.