Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Plan Nearly Worked

Finished 9th in the Skillz Game last night. That would be the money bubble... damn. I played like a donk, as planned. I laid some pretty bad beats on some decent players (and some shitty ones). I warned ahead of time that QT was the nuts as far as I was concerned.

The scary thing is, that the RNG DID pay out to my donkish play a lot more than I thought it would. Granted, LHE makes this much easier to do, but I was still amazed by what I ended up with. In the end, I was crushed by 3 hands where my TP was killed by big overpairs. Lesson was: FT favours the donkey, but loves the overpair more.

Something like 4 or 5 boats, ridiculous flushes, flopped straights... and of course the one time I got aces, they didn't get much.

Might employ a similar system at The Mookie tonight. Let's go with "get-in-cheap with middling hands and catch big". Although I doubt I'll see as many rivers in NLHE.

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