Monday, March 02, 2009

A Refreshing -11

I got in from my week in Key West last night right on time. By the time I got to the car, it was an hour after landing, and -11 degrees C. I laughed as I walked the lot, because I found the temperature refreshing and welcome. This after a week where if it was +16 and breezy on the patio, I stayed indoors to avoid the cold.

Anyway, back to the office today, watching the markets continue to tank. We aren't near the bottom yet. As little as a couple weeks ago, I saw a Dow of 7000 as reachable, but sitting around 6900 now, I realize I underestimated. The commercial real estate market hasn't had its major crisis yet, but I don't expect it will be long now.

Right, I had a vacation. My semi-sober ramblings are down there somewhere, and also on Twitter. It was a good trip. Generally delicious food, good drinks, fun people, great weather, good times. I'll get some pictures up once I sort through the 1400 or so I took.

Twitter - I like. The radio show I wake up to today called it the most useless creation of the Internet ever, but they just don't get it. It provides two things - instant availability via SMS, and a forum to put up that thought you just want to share with someone when you find yourself alone. It's not about me caring about what you have to say, it's about me needing to say something, regardless of who reads it.

Or maybe it's just to keep track of bowel movements... beats me.

Macbook - I was told I was addicted to it on the trip. I'd fire it up when I woke up, and again whenever we got back to the suite. I like to think I was just validating my purchase. Actually, I really do like the convenience of a light laptop that is still fully functional, and am glad I bought it.

Anyway, back and facing a full week. Watchmen opens, birthday party, ski outing (heading north of Barrie if any Tuckfards happen to see me on a hill...), and with any luck, I'll pick up some new art for my place while toasting a couple friends who get married on Friday before moving to Australia for a year. That reminds me (the art, not the marrying) that I still haven't picked my free print from Alan yet... I should get on that now that he's selling photos left right and centerfield.

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lightning36 said...

Its funny -- when my house was on the market for a year and wasn't selling, the bottom hadn't yet fallen out of the market. I had plenty of people supporting me (emotionally, not financially). Now that the economy is really bad, my house is sold, and I am in great financial shape, I feel guilty.

Gotta do something to even the scales ...