Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Antropov traded for 2 draft picks.
Moore traded for a draft pick.
Gerber picked up off waivers.
Reitz picked up off waivers.

Toskala out for the season for surgery.

Actually... not a bad day for The Leafs. Now let's see if all those 2nd-round picks can be turned into something worthwhile.

Going to miss Moore though.

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BamBam said...


Gerber could just be the steal of the day! He's hungry and hasn't seen an awful lot of real ice time for a year and a bit. He might be the shot in the arm that the Leafs need!

Don't rely too heavily on those picks! I'd be surprised if they weren't all bundled up and put out there for trade bait, for one pick slightly higher.

What's Shrike say.... "Pattern recognition?"

Get betterer !