Friday, March 27, 2009

Of All the Bad Ideas

Staying up until 3am for the second work night in a row ranks about... well... pretty damned low on the scale of bad ideas I suppose. It's not like I decided to look under my eyelid with a rusty steak knife or something.

It gets a touch exacerbated (still nowhere near sledgehammer to the balls bad though) when you factor in that I'm heading to the B-lo to meet this guy tonight for some hockey action (GO LEAFS GO!) followed, likely, by poker (quel surprise!). So I must somehow muster the energy to drive 2 hours to the border, get crazygonuts for hockey, then sit in a dark poker room and fleece locals before driving back again at what will surely be an ungodly hour.

Oh taurine and caffeine, my good, good friends. Maybe a little James Brown will help too.

Although to be fair, if I was staying home tonight, I'd probably be up until at least 3 anyway. Funny how that works.

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Katitude said...

goooooo LEAFS!