Thursday, March 05, 2009


Note to self: If you have a premium hand against this guy, just fold.

QQ < TT donchyaknow?

3 games in, no points, 3 suckouts to end it for me. Sure, I've laid a bad beat or two myself to stay alive, but it still stings. My average middle-of-the-pack finishes just aren't going to cut it, but at least there's some solace in the fact that I have yet to regret how I played a final hand.

As for the other ones... I liked my play last night more than the previous games. I made some moves... some worked, some didn't, some required me getting lucky when they initially failed. In the end though, I felt I played better than in The Big Game and Riverchasers. Obviously, there's still room for improvement, but this is just the first leg in a very long trek.

Oh, and feeling better today... for now. Another decent night's sleep helps. Good thing too, since I'm meeting up with some friends tonight to wish them well the day before their marriage and a few days before they head off to Australia for a year. In the 3 1/2 years since we've reconnected (old high school friends), my friend and his fiancee have been all over the place. 3.5 years ago, he was in Montreal and she was in Toronto. Then he was in Toronto with her, then he moved to Newfoundland, where she eventually joined him before she moved back to Toronto to essentially go on strike at the University she enrolled in for grad school... and now they're off to Australia. I couldn't move around that much... Toronto is home. Always has been, always will be.

And I'm glad to hear there's some of you who are making the trip here next weekend for Eh-Vegas! I don't think I'm cooking this year (although I'll definitely help if needed), but I am at least consulting.

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