Monday, November 12, 2007

1-Day Turnaround

A fairly standard weekend. Saw American Gangster on Friday - good flick, great cast. Doesn't rate a DVD buy for me, but I enjoyed it. Even Russell Crowe didn't annoy me.

Saturday was spent largely at home worrying about one of the cats, as he was showing a complete change in behaviour to being a total asshole. Behaviour changes are usually a sign of a larger problem. I'm keeping an eye on him, and he seems to be falling back in line. It could just be another phase of the acclimatization process to the new cat.

Now if the new one would stop throwing up once a day, I'd be happy. It is cute when she steals my laundry though.

Enough about cats. Blogs about cats are lame.

My best friend was over Saturday as well, and much Guitar Hero was played between brunch and dinner. I still love it. Plus I got to open up my newly-arrived copy of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. . Have I mentioned I'm a Bruce Campbell fan? Yet again, something brought me back to a younger age. Good times. My friend hated it.

And then poker on Sunday. It started as possibly the worst day of poker I've ever seen. I couldn't win a peep to save my life, and I think I took 3 or 4 shots at a last-minute FTOPS #7 ($1 mil NLHE) spot, only to run into megadonkery. I LOVE when I push an obvious steal and he CALLS with J6o and turns a jack to outpair me. That was but one retarded call-and-catch I saw.

All-in-all, if I hadn't reloaded the roll earlier to head off the inevitable, I'd have gone busto.

However, I returned later and started up the $22+2 Turbo 1-table SnGs and went 2-3-2 to recover a good portion of what I'd lost earlier. I still couldn't win a peep, but did at least cash in it. I played that "one more game" of a $22 Turbo, only to Gigli it after the LONGEST period I've seen before anyone got knocked out of a 1-table turbo. We were at 100-200 when I finally kicked in 9th out of 9. That's what? 21-24 minutes? In a TURBO?

Dinner was intresting. I have some chicken and roasted red pepper tortellini that I needed to use. Naturally I figured Alfredo would be a good sauce. Problem being - the jars of Alfredo I have are apparently crappy. So I made my own. Small issue - no cream. Looking up substitutes I decided to go with evaporated (not condensed) milk, as I had a can sitting around. Used my last clove of garlic, and every shred of parmesan in my place (had EXACTLY the right amount between the fresh stuff and the jar of store-bought grated), and it turned out okay. I still had some evaporated milk leftover though, so I chilled it and turned it into a quick chocolate mousse, which helped use up the 68% and 75% dark chocolate I had around, and most of the 70% too. Now I have a giant bowl of the stuff. It's amazing how far 140ml of milk and 106g of chocolate go.

My SnG run definitely improved the confidence heading into today and the MATH. I'll take one more shot at a token before just buying in, and then it'll be time to focus on a level II for The Big Game on Sunday. Look for me in the frenzies.

I'm feeling good today. This could be the MATH for me... or I could Gigli. Who knows? That's poker. All I know is that I'm missing the Riverchasers this week, so I need to kick ass in the MATH and Mookie this week to (a) regain my leaderboard lead, (b) win the the weekly points, and (c) get in the TOC. Three easily-attainable goals, right?

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lightning36 said...

Good luck with the token for tonight. It seems like I have been getting stuck around the bubble lately -- 0 for 10 or so on coin flips.