Thursday, November 08, 2007


First - congrats to DNasty for winning the Mookie. At least, that's who I've heard won it. Not alot of coverage out there at the moment. D ended his blog in January, and hasn't posted on Tripjax's since March it seems. What a slacker :).

Me? I went out 71st of 107. I pushed my AQo into someone's (willwonka?) AKo directly to my left. Whoops. I was short after being outflushed by Donkette earlier in the match, knocking me waaaay down from the top 10. It was a stupid loss by me. I knew she had me outflushed, but I HOPED she just rivered the straight and was stupidly trying to scare me off with a flush on the board. My re-re-raise to put her all-in obviously doesn't work when she's got the nuts. I couldn't be upset with anyone but myself, no matter how much I tried to refocus my anger in her direction. So I ended up needing to double up or steal a lot of blinds. That didn't happen. Ah well.

It's a shame, because I was playing pretty well last night too.

Riverchasers is tonight. I have historically sucked in these, so I will obviously have to win tonight.


Dillo said...

Tsk tsk tsk! AQo?!


Astin said...

I know! But I only do it when I'm short. AQo looks very appealing when you have an M < 5 and are on the button in an unopened pot.

Ah well. It will always suck.