Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Second Best

This time it's not about me. Nope. Last night was the second best sushi I'd ever had.

Bosses in town led to drinks and dinner after work. Always a welcome respite from the usual business interactions within the group.

We went to Blowfish, which is fantastic. Any night that starts with 16 year-old Lagavulin, has both kobe beef and toro in it, and is capped off with some Grand Marnier Louis Alexandre, with a variety of other tasty beverages (gotta love a place that actually understands the phrase "Ten and tonic" without blinking) and dishes in between, can't be a bad one.

The best sushi I've had? Doku15, which happens to be the same group. They know their raw fish.

Anyway, I missed the MATH completely, which as 6-max turbo might not have taken much time to miss. Congrats to whoever took down what was surely a pure skillfest. Next week is a $10 rebuy? Oh could that ever get ugly.

I suppose I also missed Heroes.

Monkey Tourney is tonight (Stars, 8:30pm EST, $10, password is "monkey"). I guess Smokkee's Bodonkery continues as well, despite his honeymooning, but I believe us Canucks are shut out of that. I plan to get a few things done around the house first, but should be able to make it and build up a massive chip lead only to donk it off once the bubble approaches.

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