Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Should Wear Taffeta


That's final table #4, and 2nd place #2. The other 2nd was also the Mookie.

I came to play tonight. I wanted first badly. Like I said in the last post, I wanted to win. With authority.

I'll spare the details until later today maybe. It's 2:20am and I'm wiped. But I got incredibly lucky to get heads-up, and sucked out huge to get up to 100k vs Mike's 200k+. Then card death. I'm not talking A-rag, or unsuited one-gappers. I'm talking 62o, 73o... nothing suited, nothing painted, no aces. And it got WORSE as my chips dropped. Finally called all-in with 67h vs Mike's 69s. 9 hit on the flop, nothing helped me. End of game.

That said, 2nd place MAY be enough to achieve 1/3 of my goals for the week. We'll have to see how tomorrow plays out. I know the other 2 are impossible this week.

Congrats to Mike. Just like I had no problem losing to Iggy, I've got no problem with Mike taking it down over me. It was well deserved. My time will come.

The $190.40 for 2nd is okay, and the $100 win for Lucko's horse betting was gravy. Toss in winning a token for The Big Game (5k superstacks = awesome) earlier in the night and cashing in another $22 turbo and I'd say it was a solid night of poker for me.


Mike Maloney said...

Good game man, sorry you had to end up on the short end of the stick. You've been putting together some good results so far, hopefully you can pull one off in the next few weeks.

lightning36 said...

Good job, Astin. That was a fun one.

TripJax said...

You are a machine. Nice job.

AgSweep said...

Great game, it was fun to watch.

Schaubs said...

good job dude. I thought it would be tough for you when it was 3 handed and you were out chipped 3-1 at least. I saw you lay down a hand where you had about half your stack already in the pot. I wondered what you had. Seems like it was the right move. I think you bet 20K and then kept the remaining 30kish?

Shrike said...

You're overdue, Astin. I expect you to take one of these tourneys down soon.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

This is great man. I am easily more impressed by your BBTwo performance so far than anyone else who has outright won an event.

Hopefully tonight is the night for you at the Riverchasers.