Monday, November 19, 2007

A Good Weekend

The poker side of it kinda blew, but the rest of the weekend was pretty solid.

Poker first. Out in the donkament on a suitably donkish play. Friday was a break-even day though as my final run of $22 Turbos made back any other buyins for the night.

Saturday - I played a couple SnG's far too late at night and lost. Bad choice by me.

Sunday - Live poker is rigged. Pocket tens in EP, I raise, get called by the BB. Flop AKT, I bet, raise, all-in, called... flips over QJo. Damn. I had him covered by a few thousand chips (10k stacks), but was pretty much treading water from there out. Big hands got nothing, and any wins were small. Out 10th of 17 when my presto (why do I even bother?) shortstack met jacks and I was done.

Big Game - out 20th of 51. At least there's a "2" in there. Absolutely nothing of note happened for me in this game. I did like the superstacks though. Congrats to VinNay on the win and TOC seat.

Then fired up an ill-advised couple of Turbos and lost in poor fashion.


Non-poker now.

Saturday was a full day. Up early for no good reason. Well, there was a reason, but it became moot when the factory outlet store I was going to ended up being closed for the past month without that info propagating to their website. Tools.

I did, however, have a successful clothes shopping trip. My work wardrobe has now grown to an acceptable level again. The old stuff was showing its age. I still need a decent pair of shoes though. Preferrably before Vegas.

And then came the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo. Mmmmm. We started off with a Kobe Beef burger (which is tradition now), with wasabi mayo and some sort of teriyaki sauce. Then the wines... sooo many wines. I don't think there was a bad one in the bunch this year. There's a picture I need to get up here soon. You'll understand immediately. There were, in fact, some truly fantastic wines that can be found at reasonable prices. I definitely need to get my wine cooler bought and set up pronto so I can increase my collection. That's the beauty of this format - you can sample a wide variety of wines, and make some great finds that could easily become the "I discovered this" part of your collection, for the cost of a decent bottle. The trick is keeping track of them all.

Somehow I woke up in time to meet up with friends for dim sum on Sunday. This is a weekly thing. It's always good food, which is nice to have before spending 2 1/2 hours playing Texas Fold'em. The redhead from Halloween also made it interesting.

There's a very good chance I'll miss both the MATH and The Mookie this week. At the very least I'll be a touch inebriated on good wine and full of great sushi if I make it home in time tonight. I've decided to take a shot at the charity game on Wednesday. The pool is determined by the number of tables. They're up to 13 for a $6000 purse, with $2400 going to first. If I recall from last year, that COULD increase based on rebuys. I hope so, otherwise it will tough to break even without a win. But it's for the kids.

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