Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well after another display of luckboxery, I donked out in 20th in the MATH. Yay points? As usual, I wanted the win.

Came back from the brink a couple times with timely hands and tables willing to pay me off, maintained chips with some steals. Lost chips to resteals. Made one HORRIBLE call against Don early on (which was why I needed the comeback soon after) when I completely ignored how *I* played the hand, letting him turn his straight, and generally played like crap.

Went out with Presto AGAIN. If I started running a "Presto is Garbage" thread, I might catch up to Fuel's pontification of it's auriferous properties. Then again, I wouldn't have needed to push with it into a SB steal attempt (QT? AGAIN?) if I'd pushed with my AKo the hand before, but something about twoblackaces' checking of a paired board put me on edge. Every time I reached for the "bet" button, my instincts were telling me that I was doomed.

Anyway, The Mookie is tomorrow, and I'm already signed up. 19 to go. Maybe I should start writing my blog submission.

Congrats to Kaja for taking down the MATH win and a TOC seat!


Forgot a drink yesterday from the weekend - Kahlua, Caramel Baileys, vodka, and chocolate milk - Brown Mudslide? Caramel-Chocolate Mudslide? Whatever you want to call it, it was good.

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