Friday, November 16, 2007

I'll Just Buy The Damned Bridesmaid's Dress Already

IF I make Kat's donkament tonight, here's my prediction: 2nd place.

If you consider Sunday part of the previous week instead of the start of the next one, expect me to get 2nd in The Big Game as well. I could also possibly pull 2nd in the live tournament I'll be playing earlier in the day.

Why? Because this is apparently the week of second place for me.

ONE person was a threat to my leaderboard spot last night when I logged on at 11 - Kajagugu. He needed 11th place to usurp my spot and take the FTOPS ME seat. He pulled off 7th if I recall, which put him 18.4 points ahead of me. Damn. He was 4th of 18 left when I logged on, so there wasn't much I could do. I thought about placing a bounty on him, but I just didn't think it would be effective with only 7 donkeys to drop. Plus, he could just sit out if I did that. So I kept it fair and crossed my fingers for his demise while mildly berating him in the girly chat. I even tried the previously guaranteed method of making someone lose - I cheered him on.

Of course, once they were down to 11, I was honestly pulling for him. Which no doubt lead to his loss.

I knew I needed to win the Mookie. Or at least make a deeper run than 16th in the MATH.

I suppose the concert was a fair tradeoff to playing and controlling my own destiny.

Congrats Kaja. You have one goal now, and one goal only - Win the FTOPS ME. I'll be pulling for ya (legitimately this time).

Congrats to Mike Maloney for grabbing 1st in the weekly points standing (I pulled 3rd behind jamyhawk by 3.6 points, so almost 2nd, or 2nd to 2nd.) and the seat in the Sunday guarantee.

and Congrats to XxMagiciaNxX for taking his 2nd victory in the BBT 4/2 and eliminating a spot in the TOC.

I also fully support Lucko's proposal of AlCantHang getting an organizer's exemption into the TOC. Especially with Mag taking a seat out of contention. But only if Al doesn't win one of these by himself first, otherwise it's just insulting.

EDIT: AHAHAHAHAHA!! Mookie put up the stats for the Mookie this year. Guess what place I'm in! 2nd! THREE 2nd place finishes (which is the most, or 1st). I've definitely found my niche it seems. If I find any free time this weekend, it will be dedicated to the study of heads-up play.

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