Thursday, November 29, 2007


Congrats to Alan for taking down the Mookie. Wait a second. ALAN won the Mookie? Isn't he a huge tournament donk? Oh, wait... he had my cards.

Me? Out 32nd of 90. I think I was playing pretty well too. I once again was reading like a superuser, and taking pots with some solid aggression. I think I had one beat I didn't like where KT beat my AJ or something, and I lost more chips than I would have liked with AK against PirateLawer's A7s (7 on the flop, A on the turn, I figured he had 2 pair after his check-call, and didn't fall for it when he checked the river). I figured I needed some sort of karma after laying down AKc pre-flop in the first level to his all-in reraise with the Hiltons (too early for a coinflip for 35 BB). It was not to be.

In the end, actyper made some dorky-looking raise and I re-popped him with QJo, putting him on a steal or figuring I'd at least be live. Nope. He flipped over cowboys, and his 3rd king didn't come to give me a straight. I don't regret my move, as I was running out of space where I could make them.

I COULD use the excuse that the new cat spent the day vomitting as a distraction. I was up at 6:30am when she was retching on my bedroom carpet, and when I got home there were 4 different spots to clean up throughout the condo. After I called the vet, she let fly twice more. Appointment is at 11:30 this morning, although she seems to have made it through the night without a problem, and is otherwise normal. I won't though... because she was kind enough to keep the regurgitation to bookends. Once as the first hand was in the air, and again about 10 minutes after I shut down. Still, I hope she'll be okay.

Riverchasers tonight. I hope to be there.


TripJax said...

I missed the first 90 minutes of the tournament and then, within the first few minutes of sitting down, took two pots from you where I was behind. Not huge pots, but if you take either one of those you are looking a bit better.

As always, enjoyed the time with you on the felt...

Astin said...

Yah, that was less than ideal for me, but I had a hard time being TOO upset.

Next time show up on time though, okay?

Shrike said...

Enjoyed playing with you Astin, and I kicked myself for not value betting the river with aces up vs. your TPTK. I knew I had missed a bet, and you showed good sense in checking behind there.