Friday, November 30, 2007

Technological Obsessions

Riverchasers - out after some horrid play and trying to right the ship too late. I kept saying, "play tight." but just couldn't. Great, now I sound like Hoy. Of course playing tight worked for the resident tiltmonkeymegadonklucksac as he took down a TOC seat.

While I'll be eating slimy Chinese food for a friend's birthday dinner tonight, I suggest you all check out Kat's Donkament tonight at 9 at Full Tilt. $1 rebuy and it gets the tilt out. Password, as always, is donkarama. Seriously, this place has OKAY food, but it's so covered in slippery sauce that the chopsticks are practically useless for picking anything up.

That's it for poker.

I've railed against various technology and its users in the past. My Facebook rant got more response than I expected. Ditto my rants against iPods, Monster Cables, Bose, etc.. So now I'll talk about what I keep stopping myself from buying.

First - the iPod Touch. That is one nice piece of machinery. Yes, it still has the problems of the other iPods (iTunes lock-in, battery replacement, etc.), but it's just fun to play with. But, I already have my Archos, and now my new phone, and still almost ZERO need for a portable music player (I'm just not in transit long enough since moving downtown).

Then there's the Scooba. Roomba's wet brother. My condo currently has two carpeted rooms, and I have a kickass vacuum for them (Bissell Healthy Home = highly recommended). The rest of the place is either tile or parquet. The only time I clean them is when they (a) get really disgusting or (b) company's coming over. It's a pain in the ass. I can either sweep or vacuum (hardwood setting), but still need to mop afterwards. The Swiffer Wetjet is okay, but I can MAYBE get through the whole place on one cleaning cloth. It's a lot of floor. The mop is a pain in the ass, and inevitably leads to paw prints being left somewhere. The cats necessitate thorough cleaning. So I'm thinking the Scooba 580 meets my needs. If it meets specs, it should be able to cover most of the hard floors on one charge. Plus, it will freak out the cats. I'm also planning on tearing out the carpets and laying down more wood. Downside? $500. Although it comes with a free Roomba at the moment.

How about the Yamaha YSP speakers? One big long bank of speakers that bounces sound around the room from its 42 drivers to create surround sound from a single source. I love the concept and the simplicity. Of course, I already have a full 7.1 surround setup in my main room (2 Klipsch towers and 5 Polk satellites), so it would be a waste of money. Then again, I have two other TVs...

A flat panel in the office would look pretty nice. Of course, then I'd have a 27" CRT that I'd have to put somewhere. Maybe a small flat one in the bedroom instead. I can find a place for the little TV that's there currently easily enough.

I just bought a food processor. Do I need more kitchen gadgets? Always. How about an electric griddle? I still can't find a suitable waffle maker to replace my broken one (which was awesome). I keep thinking a breadmaker would be good too. Then again, I use my cast iron grill all the time now, and my electric grill gathers dust.

I recently caved and did a full computer upgrade, which I totally don't regret. I also have a week-old LG VX8700 phone which is pretty awesome. So I've been feeding the technology monster inside me bit by bit.

Bonus time is around the corner, and how Vegas turns out could also contribute to some decision-making. I may be all over the Boxing Day sales.


Mike Maloney said...

Just looked up those Yamaha YSP speakers, had never heard of them before. Looks awesome, new speakers/amp is currently at the top of my electronics 'wishlist', I think I might have to head in that direction.

KajaPoker said...

I have a roomba and it blows. You have to clean it all the time and it just makes a lot of noise especially with all the bumping it does into chair and doors. SO the scooba has the added bonus of dirty water. yum.

I have your solution to all kitchen requirements. I just saw and ad for the G5 Geroge Forman grill, which has an electirc grill, girdle, waffle maker, etc. Check it out.

Irongirl01 said...

I cannot live without my Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer its not the biggest one but its great with the dough hook, balloon whisk and a host of other attachments. I have a Cuisnart Pro food processer still going after about 15 years

How about a set of Ken Onion Shun Knives clearly the most beautiful I have laid eyes on.

A Mandoline for slicing potatoes extra extra paper thin?

Lots of new complete TV series out on DVD for the Media buff.

A nice bamboo cutting board (Think Green). I just bought a huge one.. If not bamboo a Boos cutting board then.

I could keep going. Check out Sur La Table and WIlliams Sonoma and Chefs Catalogue websites for kitchen stuff.

Astin said...

Kaja - model number's important I hear. How old is yours? I'm looking for something to enable my laziness :)

Yah, I like the Formans, but I already have a panini press, and I want a gravity waffler, so I'd just be getting it for the griddle, when there are better options out there for that.

IG - Long list.

I have a stand mixer with a bunch of the attachments. A friend of mine just bought the Kitchenaid Accolade this week, so I know all about 'em.

Funny, the food processor I just bought is a Cuisinart.

Oh to spend the kind of money on knives that the Ken Shun Onions cost. I just can't validate it, especially since my Henkel set still works just fine.

Bought a mandolin a month ago. Sliced off the corner of my finger on day 1 :)

Very few TV DVDs interest me, and I have most of those.

I have... 7 cutting boards at the moment I think. I'm good

Trust me, when it comes to the kitchen, it's usually a challenge for me to find things I want but don't already have.