Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vegas Plans

As much as plans can be made:

My and 3 friends get in around 2:45pm on Thursday. Check into the hotel and kill some time on the strip until evening shenanigans at the IP begin. I will SO be there for Pai Gow, Craps, and alcohol. I will also gladly watch Karaoke, but that's the extent of my participation.

Friday - wake up at some time and do stuff. I imagine I'll be splitting time between hitting a tourney or two and hanging with my non-blogger friends. Maybe we'll swing over to Star Trek: The Experience. I've been twice before. Ask Wil or Pauly, it's worth returning to. We're also going to see Blue Man Group for the 7pm show (join us in the Poncho section!), so I won't be making the start of the mixed games. I do fully intend to join the crew for cash games at the MGM once the show is out. Somewhere in there will be food.

Saturday - 3pm is the Blogger Tourney, so that's a no-brainer. I might squeeze in some donkament before that (11am $60 @ TI maybe?), if for nothing else than to work on my pushing skills. One of my friends will be joining us and will learn the true power of The Hammer. The others? I wouldn't be surprised if they did some railbirding. I love me a cheering section. Let's see how long they last without a hole-card camera.

Sunday - one of party takes the Saturday red-eye, and another leaves on the 3:45 flight. So I'm not entirely sure how I'll be spending the remainder of the day with the poker non-player (I'm taking the red-eye Sunday). There maye be some shopping involved or something, and much texting to the remaining bloggers to see what's up. I suppose I could swing by the sports book too. Or, depending how my bankroll's looking, I could just gamble all day.

I'm definitely doing a nice, good dinner at least one night there with my buddies... and likely anybody else who wants to come along. Any suggestions?


KajaPoker said...

Blue Man - Unless you're sitting real close is a waste of time. The show is much better in the tiny NYC theater than in the huge Rio auditorium.

If you do see BMG, skip the food and go play MGM.

As far as a great dinner - Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian is the best steak in town. Bone-in rib eye for real men.

So jealous.

Astin said...

Well, we're in the 3rd row. I hope that counts as real close :).

The MGM will be going all night, and while I'm waiting for a spot, I can harrass the other bloggers. Dinner will be at the whim of my friends. But we may do that Thursday or Saturday (depending on how long the tourney goes).

Was thinking Delmonico as a possibility, or N9NE. Or maybe we'll go with something Japanese.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I'll already be there when you get to Vegas. As will LJ and CK. Hit us up if you want to join us in killing time! See you soon!

lj said...

i have hard N9NE is amazing.