Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Not much going on. Played in the Monkey last night and went out 2nd or 3rd from the bottom. Got there late after falling asleep, and just never got it going.

0-2-0 in some Turbos and I called it a night.

I did have the pleasure of sitting down with one of the biggest donks I've ever seen. I've sat with him before, and likely will again. Call just about anything preflop, call pot-sized bets with A-high, etc.. Honestly some of the worst play I've seen. Problem is, they were catching everything. It was stupid, and angering. Generally bad beats don't phase me for long, but this person had me stewing for a bit.

I've got a charity tournament tonight. $250 buy-in includes hors d'oeuvres and open bar, $100 rebuys and $100 add-on. I'll be playing tight.

2000 starting chips, 2000 rebuy, 3000 add-on, 20 min blinds. Actual blind structure unknown.

It takes place in the Hockey Hall of Fame. That's pretty awesome. Final two tables are in the great hall.

I expect the majority of the players to suck, hard. I expect the open bar will increase their donkish tendencies. I see no reason to play anything but strong hands and take stabs at catching on weak bets. Of course, maybe I'll end up at a table full of tighties.

So if I'm at the Mookie tonight, it's because I got sucked out on.

Tomorrow's Riverchasers should be good though. Thanksgiving will likely cull the herd a bit. I expect good things.

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