Friday, November 23, 2007


I went for a few drinks post-work, and was then cajoled into going for some steak (amount of cajoling required: not very much). A nice bottle of wine and decent filet later I was in a cab on the way back home to fire up the Riverchasers, an hour after start time.

I sat down about 5 minutes after the break and folded for an orbit. Then my dealer realized I was there and started stacking the deck for me. AA, KK that flopped a set, AK, AJ, another KK that flopped a set, 99 that flopped a set over Kat's TT, etc. I was quickly in 5th place after starting with 1800 chips.

Then my dealer turned on me, I can only assume LJ showed a little leg or winked at him or something.

I get JJ in mid-late position and raise it up. LJ in the BB pushes and I call, having her covered and not not believing she has me beat. She flips over A7c. Of course the A falls on the flop and I lose. She claims I kept raising her blinds, which was only because I kept getting hands. I told her to stop listening to Chad.

So I'm down, but still around 3k in chips (blinds at 120/240). A little while later I have AKo and raise. LJ AGAIN comes over the top (not her blind this time), and I call. She flips over KQo and I say to myself, "Q on the river".... Kreskin's got nothing on me. IGH.

Then LJ doesn't even have the courtesy to take my chips and make the final table.

Ah well. It happens. You're bound to run into a luckbox eventually.

What was frustrating about it wasn't the beats (even if I was a 67% and 75% favourite), it was that I'd gone from the bottom of the heap after sitting out for an hour to top 5 so quickly, with half the field gone, and was obviously making the right reads and was getting stellar cards. In other words, I was primed for a deep run and got railroaded by the board. I think they call that poker.

Kat's Donkament is tonight (9pm, password: donkarama). I imagine I'll be there. I imagine I might also play a few other games at the same time. I haven't seen a 50-50 in a while... or a 24k or 28k. It's always wise to play in serious tournaments while simultaneously rebuying in the biggest donkfest on the 'net.


Mike Maloney said...

I missed the first 20 minutes...then lasted 7 hands after that. Auto-fold is the key to winning.

lj said...

i saw the title in bloglines and thought, this can't possibly be about lil ole me, can it? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, astin titled a post after me. :)

sorry for suckouts, i could not catch cards to save my life and was sick of people named astin raising me. card rack.