Thursday, November 01, 2007

How to Beat A Luckbox

Hold presto. It's that simple.

I sucked out against Don with A7 vs his 33. Flop of A37, turn of 7, I double up.

I get AA after the break and get up a bit more, but still hurting.

See A9s in the BB, Snake5970 ups it to 3x from the SB, I think steal and push. He calls and flips over 55. Flop comes 4s2sAd, 4 on the turn, 3 on the flop gives snake the straight and IGH. Even if I win though, all it gives me is some breathing room.

Not that I wanted to relate a bad beat, but just showing how 55 is Kryptonite to my luckbox powers. An alternative is to call me when I have presto, as it's also been killing me of late. I think I killed ran over its dog or something.

Anyway, out 35th in the Mook, Riverchasers tonight. I think I'll get some sleep now.

Good luck everyone who's left.

Oh - the Spook was a blast for the 10-15 minutes I was in it. :)

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