Friday, November 09, 2007

Presto Can Keep Puckering Up

Congrats to The Truck o' Luck on his TOC spot and Riverchasers win. I was happy to see so much action with the final four.

Out 33rd of 96 in Ye Olde Riverchasers to my old nemesis, presto. I was pretty damned short and after the blinds, antes, raise, and a slightly smaller push in front of me would effectively triple me up, I pushed with KQo to run into 55 and call it a night. I typed "gg" as soon as I saw it.

I got crushed a couple times running a weaker ace into AK, and sucked out huge once when my A6c met AKd and I rivered the 6. AK vs AK was disappointing, and losing with a flush to a rivered boat early on didn't help my mood. I'm just pointing out that my luck isn't endless. It was also a night designed to separate me from my chips as I would constantly flop great hands and get called to shitty turns and rivers for me, forcing me to lay it down to all-ins and large bets on boards that could beat my set in numerous ugly ways.

At least my salad was tasty, although none of my avocados were ripe enough to use. Smoothie was good too.

Out tonight, plans tomorrow, and the family possibly coming by on Sunday means a weekend generally free of poker. I might get on late tomorrow, or during the day Sunday, but I doubt it will be for more than a SnG here or there. Time to start working on those big tokens for the Big Game next week.

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