Friday, April 25, 2008

Allons Cuisine!

So I guess I'm going to the Bash in September. I also guess I'm once again cooking for a bunch of degenerates. Somewhere between my 2nd and 3rd drink this happened (Drinks 1 & 2 - 7 year aged dark cuban rum (Havana Club) with Grand Marnier and Disaronno (I call it a Cuban Moon), drink 3 - Maker's Mark).

But I won't be alone! Assuming no bureaucratic nightmares, I shall have the lovely Joanne by my side as we face off against Riggstad and Donkette in Blogger Chef: Canada (YAY!) vs USA (BOO! HISS!). (As an aside to IT: Blogger Titanium Chef is too wordy... I could deal with something like Silicon Chef if you really want a material in there).

Even the secret ingredients have been revealed, courtesy of GCox. Yes, just like the show, the secret ingredients are known far in advance. Jo and I have already started brainstorming, but there is much discussion to be had still.

Obviously, Jo and I will kick ass. But the real winners will be all the bloggers that get to chow down on the feast provided by an Okie and 4 overconfident cooks.

I can't wait to see Tragedy try and do the Chairman's backflip onto the stage...

Like you needed another reason to head to Philly in September.


BWoP said...


Sounds yummy.

Who is going to run around kitchen stadium doing commentary?

Who will be the vapid Japanese celebrity chick judge?

BamBam said...

I see your thumb sticking out there, and yes!

I do pick up hikers.
(one's that can cook anyways)

Riggstad said...

FWIW... I have no illusions of wrestling for the cup, or trophy, oe whatever...

I just want to cook, feed some people, and have a blast!

Pplus your elk was pretty friggin good, so no sense in giving you "bulletin board" material

:) Either way should be a blast! Can't wait!

Astin said...

CK - I imagine Instant "Alton Brown" Tragedy will be the MC. And his favourite male asian has been pegged as the chairman. I guess it's up to Recess to backflip now.

Bam - You should be careful who you pick up. A man with knives and a penchant for marinating things could be dangerous.

Riggs - Oh, you know we'll be fighting over the wishbone.

This'll be fun.

Joanada said...

Soooo can not wait. Putting more ideas together as we speak.

Go Team Canada!!!

Evy said...

My mother once told me that the only thing I could make for dinner was reservations.

Okay, so I am not a culinary goddess. However, I am a skilled taste tester.

I cannot wait to experience your may cause me to leave the US and move to Canada lol