Monday, April 21, 2008


So Brandi Hawbaker committed suicide last week. As Pauly so rightly said, it's pretty sad that Chip Reese's death didn't get the same coverage. Then again, Chip didn't off himself, and never really courted controversy. He was known for his skill, not his antics.

Part of me feels bad for Brandi. I'd wager we were all watching borderline personality disorder in full effect. My brother dated someone diagnosed with this disorder and it was incredibly tough on him, and by extension, us. At the end of the day, you just can't help someone this far gone. Unless you happen to be a psychiatrist who specializes in personality disorders. Part of me also feels a big "saw that coming from about 120 miles away."

As much as Sklansky and others may think they are, they aren't experts in the human mind. None of them could help her, and they all used her. Hell, anyone who egged her on and followed her rollercoaster dramas did. But everyone who she was involved with thought they were helping. They were convinced they could be her white knight. They were wrong from the start. Short of forcing her into psychiatric care, they couldn't help. Hell, most of the pros that would go near her seemed pretty messed up themselves. But then, I'm no expert either. I've just seen the effects of both this and bipolar disorder on people. It ususally takes a lot for those suffering to get help, as their friends stand by helpless. It's amazing I don't know more people who have killed themselves, as I know they've tried. Luckily, there was always somebody nearby to stop them or get them to the hospital quickly enough to be saved.

So it's sad that such a fucked up individual took her own life, especially so young. She'll become a footnote soon enough. Even sooner, I'd imagine her replacement will make herself known to the poker world. I find that even sadder.


lightning36 said...

Borderline personality disorder may very well be what she had. Since you have known people who have had it, you know that it can be a terrible drain on everyone involved in the person's life. Borderlines often attempt suicide as part of their illness, and unfortunately, sometimes succeed.

You may have a bright future as a mental health professional!

Astin said...

Heh, I gave some serious thought about pursuing psychiatry back when I was in high school. Then I decided I didn't want to be in school that long.