Tuesday, April 01, 2008

At Least There Was Money

Alright, I'm done with my last post. The short of it is that I won over $300 last night between winning the donkament (let's say I put around $10 in) and getting 3rd in the MATH. Why is it every time I reload my account I go on a hot streak? The weekend also had some decent wins and my SnG game has seen some cashes as well again. Go figure.

So that's not bad. My BBT ROI is still negative (down about $66), but one cash can turn that around. The 131 points last night don't hurt either, although they're useless for this month. That's alright.

If anything, I'm much more focused of late, which is good with an Omaha game tonight. It could be the last Skill game I play this cycle, with HORSE next week and Stud 8 the week after, two games I'm not that fond of.

Anyway, I had a couple good suckouts last night, but most of my success came from aggression and getting my big hands paid off. I probably broke even on the number of races won/lost.

And on a previous theme - before my Donkament win and Hoy 3rd? Breaded tilapia (egg, flour, crumbs, ground lemongrass, dill, rosemary, garlic, salt, pepper, fresh parmesan), sweet potato home fries (oregano, basil, garlic, worcester sauce, olive oil, salt & pepper), snow peas and broccoli (steamed). Chocolate cake for dessert.

Tonight might involve chicken, potato, and green beans. I've got a bit of a BBQ craving.


RaisingCayne said...

Nice finishes last night! (You card rack.) You know, I usually don't mind falling out of two tournaments with KK vs. AA, and QQ falling to JJ... but when it's to the same effing player, hours into both tourneys, in less than one orbit's time, it can be a little effing tilting!!! How do you run so freaking good so freaking consistently!? I mean, getting AA to go against KK at a FIVE seat table!? And getting your JJ to best my overpair for a monster pot at the bubble of the donkarama.?! Which you go on to win!?. You run good. Just hopin' you could teach a course or something on how to be soooo freaking lucky? Your roommate a leprechaun or what?

Oh, and yeah Breeze was/is a bit of a calling station, I won't argue there, but he seemed to play appropriately tight with his preflop decisions throughout the MATH last night, especially considering the 6 seat structure. And it appears on the T8o hand he was simply able to make a correct hero call with third pair against your bluff, given his correct read on you caused by the odd betting that took place. Just note that he's a calling station and next time have a hand when you push against him. Hard to justify a rant when the hand explanation makes it look like you were outplayed by someone that saw through your bluff.

Good luck in the skills game tonight, (not that you'll need my good luck wishes to run super hot.) I've got to go google "omaha hi/lo..." (I've got NO chance.)

Astin said...

I hold three leprechauns in rotating confinement, and their families in undisclosed locations.

The rabbit farm comes in handy for feet. I haven't figured out what to do with the rest of the rabbit though.

My personal ferrier keeps my horseshoe stock full.

And then there are the pictures of Phil Gordon with Gobboboy that one drunken night.

Yah, I fucked up the hand and he either made a good call or couldn't let go of a pair. I still think the call with 3rd pair showed that he wasn't sure of his read and was willing to gambool on the river though.

Thanks, I'll try to knock you out with a less luckboxy hand this time. Like that's possible in Omaha. GL to you too.