Tuesday, April 08, 2008

False Starts

I've got at least 2 posts on the go. I'll finish them off eventually... I just happen to be either losing interest halfway through or not sure how to tighten them up.

So I'll just blather on for now.

22nd of 71 in the MATH. Le sigh.

HORSE at the Skill Game tonight. No idea if I'll play or not. I'm not a fan of 3/5 of that game, and limit drives me absolutely nuts. I may wander clubwards and play live, but chances are better I'll get some stuff done around the homestead. It turns out my shirts don't iron themselves after all. Who knew?

Does it annoy anyone else that we spend more on bottled water than it would cost to fix the world's water shortages in underdeveloped nations? Or that bottled water is often less clean than tap? Or the sheer volume of space empty water bottles take up garbage-wise? I'm thirsty.

Contact info is often an important thing to get.

Why are my legs so sore?

Oh, I need to get off my ass and book my trip to WEEKEND AT MOOKIE'S! I should make those calls.

Leaning towards doing Okie-Vegas in July too. Poker with good people at a lake... yah, that sounds like the opposite of terrible.

Then there's the decision of Bash in September, Oktoberfest in Germany, or just do something for my birthday here. Leaning towards the Bash. I mean, Al came to my town, I should return the favour, non?

Seriously, what the fuck is up with my legs today? I need a masseuse.

I hate that it takes me so long to get started on a chore. Mostly because they usually take only a few minutes and I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier.

Would it be suspicious if I set up every medical-related appointment around the same time? I can think of 3 off the top of my head, plus at least 3 vet trips for the cats. I should get on that too.

Back to the water thing - it's actually sickening how much people spend on end-of-pipe things that are easy as opposed to attacking root causes for less money but more effort. Nothing to do with water, but the economy of the thing. Sometimes I hate commercialism.

Jays continue tonight with Oakland in town. Good times.

NHL Playoffs start on Wednesday. Some fantastic matchups on both sides, but especially the Eastern Conference. Leafs be damned, this will be some good hockey.

Raptors have already clinched a playoff spot. They have a .494 win percentage. How sad is the East in the NBA? 8th place in the west is 4th place in the East. That's sad.

I guess people can stop giving a shit about college basketball for another year now. I never got March Madness.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera seems very happy with the work she had done. I'm amazed she isn't wearing a tight shirt again today. Maybe it was too obvious.

Seriously? Is everyone bitching about "BOOOOOOOM!" ? When did bloggers become such pansies? If it's something else, I have yet to see it.

Lots of stuff bouncing around the noggin'... none of it ripe yet.


lj said...

the retardedness of the water situation drives me nuts when i stop and think about it.

katitude said...

that is a lot of stuff in your noggin...have a beer before it explodes!

Pas de Boom.

mookie99 said...

Book it Danno! Ah..good ol' Hawaii Five-O.

So can I add you to the Confirmed list then?

BWoP said...




(I am channeling the Peyton Manning MasterCard commercial where he's in the deli yelling "CUT THAT MEAT" . . .)

Otis said...

We went cold turkey off bottled water last year. It's easier for we G-Vegans, as our tap water may be the best on the continent.

Alyce said...

"...it's actually sickening how much people spend on end-of-pipe things that are easy as opposed to attacking root causes for less money but more effort."

The pasta syndrome!

Seriously. It baffles me the things people will pay for rather than multitask.

Yesterday I made gourmet pasta while watching some downloaded shows. Maybe a loonie of ingredients, no extra time, and lots of tasty pasta.

Lazy buggers.

Instant Tragedy said...

It's ok Astin, but I would enjoy some poker with you joining us at Okie Vegas. Yup, going to be there for some MAJOR ASS FUN!