Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Off My Ass

This week was the week of appointment-making.

- 1st of 3 4 vet appointments for the cats made
- Optometrist appointment. I've changed from my old doctor based purely on location. The new guy has been by contact lens specialist for years, so it's not a BIG switch.
- Periodontist apointment. It's been a year since my penultimate graft, and I have no idea why I put this off so long since it's the final one of 5. I actually blanked on his name when I was looking up the number.
- Doctor's appointment - Coming up on 2 years since I've seen him. Changed offices on this one too... same guy though.
- Add in a dentist's appointment that was scheduled 7 months ago, and it's going to be a busy couple of months for me.

I have absolutely no idea why I put off making all these until now. Procrastination really doesn't make a lot of sense.

It's falling into a general pattern of increased motivation of late. Taking care of more chores at home, paying attention to my diet (not *A* diet, just diet) again, wanting to get outside more, taking more pictures, seeing more friends, booking a trip to Austin, and actually DOING stuff. I'm sure the warmer weather (22 degrees tomorrow!), sunshine, and change of seasons is playing no small part either.

Considering a month ago I was showing some pretty obvious depressive tendencies (tired despite sleeping, absolutely zero motivation to do ANYTHING, place becoming a mess, general malaise, etc..), it's a good turnaround. I credit it largely to my best friend who came over and basically cleaned my place up so I didn't have a mountain of things staring me in the face. She rocks in more ways than she realizes I think.

This time I'm actually making an effort to keep it tidy.

Now if only I can turn this motivation towards work, I'll be set.

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