Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tilt and Sleep

*EDIT: Added stuff to the end.

Just got knocked out of the MATH in 3rd. I should have won the whole damned thing.

I made one mistake that cost me the chip lead at the end. But for once I'm more pissed about the donkey call. I made more mistakes before but recovered.

Blinds 1000/2000/250
I have 69s in the BB. SB completes and I check.
Flop comes 4hTsAs. SB checks, I check.
Turn comes 2c. SB bets 3,475 into the 5k pot. I raise it to 12k. SB calls.
River comes Kc. SB checks and instead of checking safely I bet 26k into the 29k pot because he hasn't convinced me has anything.
He thinks and calls with.... T8o!

WHAT THE FUCK? He calls with an A, a K, and a straight draw on the board with 3rd pair no kicker? Breeze81? You're a moron. So am I apparently.

So now I'm in last place and pissed. I let a couple hands go around, 3rd gets knocked out.

Blinds the same.
I see J8o on the button. I raise to 7500.
Roberto55 calls 6500, Breeze folds.
Flop comes 2d8hAs, Roberto bets 16k into the 17750 pot. I instacall for my remaining 9,906. Roberto flips over.... Ts9s.
T on the turn, fuck me.
7 on the river does me no good.

I'm done.

I then got to watch possibly the worst HU match ever between these two weak fucking donkey calling stations.

So that's what it takes to tilt me.

I apologize to the 3 or 4 people I sucked out on (or at least made the proper call as dictated by pot odds on and then came from behind, whichever) for not using your chips for good and letting these fish fight it out.

Shit. I came from low chips more than a few times. From last in the middle of the game to first at the last break and a fairly steady and solid climb in between. I played a solid fucking game. I recovered from suckouts, stayed calm and focused... damn. I know I'm not owed anything for that, but I was on and this was mine.

Keeps the Law of Astin going - If I don't know who the fuck your are at a final table in a blogger game, you're going to win. I was against 3 people I didn't know in the end. I was bound to lose.

That's poker. She's a cruel mistress. Now it's 1:40am and I'm going to sleep.

Winning the Anniversary Donkament earlier in the night was nice, but now is being crushered by bitterness. Sorry.

Now I know how PirateLawyer feels.

Skill Game Tuesday is Omaha 8. Good times.


Okay, 'tis the morning after. I'm much less annoyed. It still sucks, but hardly worth the vitriol.

That said, the post was cathartic.

The second hand was nobody's fault. I can't possibly fault Roberto for making the move he did. Nor did I.

As for the first hand, I can see how I played it horribly and had no story at all. I limped from the BB, which discounts an A, K, or pair 4-handed. I checked the flop, which I would only do with a draw, crap, or strong hand that I was fishing with. The re-raise on the turn doesn't really show much strength. Maybe if the turn is a face card or something that helps the straight. So maybe the bet on the river looks weak, and with the raise on the turn the K is unlikely I suppose. Maybe if I push I can take it down. I don't think that betting less would have induced a fold. No, I should have given up after the call on the turn and checked the river. That said, I just don't get the call with T8o. I see it with a K, any A, or obviously something better than a pair, but 3rd pair no kicker? The call was for over half Breeze's remaining chips with 3rd pair. I could have had 42, K-rag-off, or even a better T than him with my play.

I mean, if you put on me on crap enough to risk half your stack and put me in a commanding chiplead (I'd have been over 100k), then why not push? If you're too scared to push, you should be too scared to call here I think. Especially since nothing from Breeze's play the entire tournament (I was next to him/her for a good chunk of it) showed the ability to come back from a short stack with anything but luck.

But, I should have checked I guess instead of getting greedy after sensing nothing but weakness. Hence, it's my fault. That's two 3rd place finishes in the BBT. Let's see if I can somehow donk my way to a win tonight in Omatard 8. I hate Hi/Lo... except when the low saves my ass.


BamBam said...

It was a good run last night sir and as always, great to see you at the tables again.

SirFWALGMan said...

Serves you right for fucking up my night dickhead. Anyway.. one hint.. I played with both those guys and if you thought Breeze was going to fold anything to you then your a fucking moron. Jesus that guy was the biggest calling station ever. Roberto was pretty bad too.. but he seemed to be able to let a hand go on occasion. Anyway good run. Better luck next time.

Julius_Goat said...

Admit it, Astin, Waffles hacked your blog and posted.

Astin said...

Bam - as always. Although your straight over my set tilted me for a good 10 minutes. :)

At least I didn't call off your night Waffles :). And you're dead right about them both. Thanks.

Goat - I signed a confidentiality clause that prohibits me from revealing the identity of any ghost writers. Even if they don't exist.

Shrike said...

You should be annoyed. Just like I was on Thursday when I played a hand in position hard and tried to get a calling station to fold one pair, thus spewing away a chiplead.

Lesson learned: don't bluff an . . . you know the rest.

Good luck next time.

lightning36 said...

Your post illustrates why these blogger tournaments are so difficult to play sometimes. The "How could you make that call?" question is often answered with "How could you make that bet?"

With so much combined blogger bravado about stealing blinds and pushing hands, people are forced to make a guess about whether or not they are being bullshitted again. Tough calls to make, but nothing I see in blogger games surprises me anymore.