Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dinner Plans Form

The plan hasn't changed, but it's refining.

Since slathering a chicken breast with sauce and tossing it on a grill is easy, I'll have to make the sauce.

As I toss a navel orange back and forth between my hands, I know what I'll be doing.

Orange beer bbq sauce. Should be fairly straightforward.

- Orange juice (I may just use Tropicana Homestyle instead of squeezing my own)
- Ketchup
- Blanche De Chambly (because a white beer would be best with citrus)
- Honey (strikes me as a better match with orange than molasses or brown sugar)
- Red onion
- Garlic
- Salt, pepper, and spices for heat

Boiled, simmered, reduced.

A mustard may come into play as well, but that would be pushing it methinks. No, strike that.

The veggies will be a bit more diverese than originally planned. Green beans, zucchini, peppers, tomato, maybe chick peas if I have any, and a grainy mustard sauce, perhaps with some worcester sauce and some smokey flavours.

Mashed potato to round it all off.

And my last piece of chocolate cake for dessert, perhaps a la mode with some crème brûlée ice cream. Yah, my diet is in full swing.

Okay, I'm full just reading it. Also, the turkey wrap and wild mushroom velouté (soup) I had for lunch is probably helping there.

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