Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mookie Disappointment

2nd doesn't suck. Well, it does compared to 1st.

THAT, however, sucks large. I play all tricky, get in with the best of it (61.5/38.5), but know to my CORE that a spade is coming and fucking me over. Damn.

I can't blame Memphis one bit there. NO way he's folding that hand on the flop.

Outside of one ill-advised raise on a flop (that I recovered quickly from), I honestly can't think of any big mistakes I made. I dodged better hands, folded at the right times, played aggressively, barely saw any showdowns, and my reads were dead on.

If nothing else, this is an example of when the cards DO matter.



Shrike said...

Great job. You'll take one of these down soon.

lightning36 said...

Geez - great run, but yeah -- second place does suck. Did you fall behind in your payments to Full Tilt?

I decided to play uber-tight last night to see if that would get me out of my funk. My best starting hands of the night: A-J (folded to a raise when I missed the flop) and 8-8 (folded to an all-in bet by someone who had me covered). Hell yes -- cards do matter! Out before the first break. Sigh.

Instant Tragedy said...

You have to remember that 2nd is still cool. You will win one of these. You just have to use the horseshoe AND the Doom Switch!

All my best!


BWoP said...

Remon on the 2nd, but you should still be proud of yourself.

You are now joining my list of good friends who have come in 2nd.

Hang in there!

MEMPHIS00 said...

Great game last night Astin. And you're right, with that flop and my chip stack, I'm not getting away from a draw to the nuts.

You were the only player at the final table I was trying to avoid last night, so while 2nd place is a bit anti-climatic you will win one of these soon.