Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Let's not talk about how I went out of the MATH last night in 55th place thusly:

Pocket 7's in LP, limp before me and I raise it to 4x the BB. Limper calls. Flop comes 7-high rainbow for my set. I slowplay. Turn comes a 2nd spade, limper pot bets. I re-raise to around 3x the bet. Limper thinks and calls. River brings 3rd spade, limper bets my last 850 chips. Pot is over 3500 and I make the call I know is behind and lose to QTs.

I said let's NOT talk about that.

Instead, let us talk about tonight's Skill Game! PL HA. So that's two enjoyable things - pot limit, and hold'em/Omaha Hi. No fucking aggravating "everybody calls to the river" limit, no splitting a pot because someone caught their nut low with absolutely no other draw. Plus the shift between games is obvious. No "Oh shit, we're playing stud" moments.

Not that anybody will have any clue about position, pot control, the weakness of top pair, or the ability to fold the non-nuts on a double-paired flush board. And I can't wait for the "oh, right, I can only play 2 of my cards" realization after a showdown shows they don't actually have quads.

This will be fun. I'll be out within 5 minutes, no doubt.


Habs are in round 2, and their dumbass fans set 5 cop cars on fire, and damaged at least 11 more as they celebrated rioted in the streets of Montreal. Fucking retarded.

Tonight are some big games. San Jose and Calgary, Washington and Philly... two game 7s. I'm pulling hard for Calgary and Philly to win. I wouldn't be upset about Washington winning though, other than it totally screws me in my office pool.

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Schaubs said...

Go Sharks & Caps!

My goal is now to beat you and you only.