Monday, April 28, 2008

I Should Have Made Candy

Mars (and Buffet) is buying Wrigley's for $23 BILLION. That's a lot of corn syrup.

Time to crack open my candy book and start trying out some recipes.

I once looked at a house that was owned by a family that made candy. It was huge, with etched glass doors to all the bedrooms (they were ugly), hand-laid inlay floors, a gourmet kitchen that was never used, another kitchen in the basement, another kitchen in the sub-basement where the candy was made, 3 or 4 bedrooms upstairs, another in the basement, and generally top-of-the-line materials throughout. Although the music room was acoustically dead and the owner put a gouge in the floor trying to close the french door.

The owners' sense of style was questionable, but their sense of quality was not. The husband had passed away and the wife was moving back to whatever European country they'd come from. They came with little, made lots of candy, and she left a millionaire.

People like candy. It's dirt cheap to make, but stamp "gourmet" on it and your markup can be huge. Plus, Warren Buffet says it's recession-proof.

Now to find a niche. Elk-pops? Mustard gum? Vanilla-lime bars? Honey-bourbon toffee?

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