Friday, April 18, 2008

Week Over

57o? Really Wadzilla? 57o? 7A2 board and 57o is considered worth reraising and calling my all-in with after I insta-raised preflop? This is why I hate limit.

I had TT, he turned the 5. Good night me.

Glad that's out of me.

Weird night. Got home, played poker, felt tired, crawled onto bed at 11:30, slept for 4 hours, got up, fed cats, crawled into bed until alarms started ringing... still a bit out of it.

Going to forget Sarah Marshall tonight. Tomorrow will likely entail creative screen doors and open houses. Maybe herbs too.

Sunday is a poker home game I keep missing every time it happens, but intend to make it to this time.

Well, I was right about Halladay's complete game. Shame about the score.

Boston stays alive, Dallas and Philly take dominating leads in their series, Colorado and San Jose have success in their hands... could be an interesting weekend hockey-wise. I still say Montreal will win, but they NEED their powerplay working again. Dallas looks like it's going to upset Anaheim, possibly as early as tonight, Philly is proving Ovechkin ain't enough on his own, Colorado is hitting its stride. As for Calgary and San Jose? Here's hoping for 7 games. I still think Calgary can win this thing. Rangers-Jersey could be done tonight too, and Detroit-Nashville is turning out tougher than expected.

It's gorgeous outside. 25 degrees, people everywhere, sun shining. I love spring.

Bell (our national phone company) is saying it has to throttle its high speed service so that its competitors can't steal their customers. See, Bell throttled its own customers, but not the companies it leased lines to. These companies resell the service, and people were leaving in droves. So Bell throttled them. They complained. Bell is begging the government not to force them to unthrottle because only "5% of users are using 33% of the bandwidth." Something about everyone else suffering. In other words, Bittorrent is killing them. Here's the thing though... those other 95% of people are surfing the web and doing e-mail. Watching videos, and uploading pictures. They wouldn't notice any difference in service, and those 5% aren't affecting them. Oddly enough, Bell also changed their pricing policy the day the throttled the competition. Assclowns.

Oh, and here's one from London... land of the CCTV and increasing crushing of its citizen's rights. A man was pulled out of a crowd for taking pictures. A cop (don't they call them Bobbys anymore?) decided that this guy with a real camera was up to nefarious things when he was takign pictures of a public display of Christmas lights and a show. The hundreds of other people with cell phones and such taking pictures weren't a problem. See, London has this fear that if you take pictures, you're a terrorist. The police apologized after he complained about having to delete all his pictures for the cop after being pulled into an alley. There seems to a movement on to clarify to the authorities the rights of photographers... I hope it gets moving. This same sort of shit happens in the States too. There are plenty of stories of "the man" (ie.- mall cops) chasing people down for taking pictures of buildings. It's sad.

I spent my walk home last night snapping pictures. Many of them of City Hall. Obviously I'm a threat... yet nobody stopped me.

I need to figure out my transportation situation for Weekend at Mookie's. Do I rent a car? Seems silly since we'll be travelling as a group mostly. But grabbing a cab from the airport would likely cost more than renting. What's the bus system like there? Things to research...

Missing the Donkament tonight for a movie. Missing Pauly's tomorrow for shopping. Missing the 420 and Britbloggerment on Sunday for live poker. Have fun people... but really, try and get outside and enjoy the spring weather.


Shrike said...

Check out my latest post for similar venting . . . although I didn't out the identity of the donkey who got out of line as you did.

mookie99 said...

What time do you arrive on Friday? We are going downtown Friday night around 6-7 for dinner/drinks. Depending on when you get in, we could swing by the airport to pick you up.