Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just Like LJ, But Different

So last night LJ lost to Waffles HU after coming back from the Mets game to find only 435 chips or something. Nice comeback.

I also lost to Waffles (because ultimately, we all did, chew on that) in a similar style.

See, I was wide awake and changing out of work clothes to a more comfortable jeans and t-shirt combination. For some reason I decided to lie on my bed. This was around 7:30-7:45. The next thing I know, I'm stirring awake and looking at my clock - 11:17!! HOLY SHIT I'M LATE FOR WORK! Then my brain wakes up the rest of the way and realizes the TV is on and it's dark outside. It's 11:17pm and I'm just really late for The Mookie. I roll out of bed and scramble to the computer. 160 chips left, blinds 80/160/25. Next hand gets dealt and I have T8o with 135 chips. I instacall Tilt Away's raise and find myself HU against AQo. Nobody improves, and I lose. 38th place I think. I was really hoping to make an epic comeback, because that would be awesome.

I then grew pissed off that all the other stuff I wanted to do before the game didn't get done. Now that has to happen tonight.

I also lost the over-under bet against Meanhappyguy (who's really angling to be my nemesis it seems) on when the Waffles-LJ HU would end. So now I can't talk about food for a week here. Shit, I just did. But it wasn't the subject... the bet was. Whatever. Expect plenty of Jays and NHL Playoff coverage until next Thursday.

Speaking of - Jays blew it in the 9th last night. Why do we have such a hard time against Oakland? If the Jays pull another year of "beat the big guys, lose to the worse teams" I think I may beat someone. It's okay, it's still early.

Playoffs have kicked off. I'm near the top of my office pool, and also at the bottom. Yay multiple entries. Maybe I can actually get stuff accomplished tonight and watch some of the games. I did catch the end of the Flames-Sharks game. As predicted, Calgary won. The Sharks seem to be the big favourite this year, and I don't think they'll make it out of the first round.

Riverchasers tonight. Back to NLHE doublestacks I think.

I hope the interview went well.


lj said...

i def owe you a big thank you, b/c had you been there you probably would have called my utg shoves when you were in the bb. :-)

MHG said...

Damnit Chris.

Go Flames!

Joe Kingston said...

Hi Astin,

This is Joe from Would like to know if you are interested in playing a blogger tourney on Full Tilt next Thursday, challenging our own blogger at the site. Drop me an email if interested ( didn't see any contact info on the blog.

Must know if you wanna play before Tuesday evening.


Schaubs said...

I assume you didn't see last night where the Sharks once again dominated... but this time actually won.

Sharks all the way baby!