Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ever have one of those days where you avoid work?

Iggy's got an UBER up. He talks about poker and shit! Also, he has the usual tonne of great/cute/strange pictures at the end.

Pauly also felt the need to write about poker, because Iggy did. What the hell is going on?

Someone gave some elephants cameras to take pictures of tigers.

Then the elephants took more pictures too. Seriously.

I hadn't heard of MP3tunes before. I have now that EMI is suing them because EMI has got its head so far up its ass that it can see out its mouth again. Something very Möbius about that... or maybe more Klein-bottle. Regardless, MP3Tunes is right here. There is no file-sharing going on, it's simply an online storage medium, which is supposedly the wave of the future. I despise the scared media companies that are terrified of losing money due to their ancient and obsolete business models more all the time.

Oh, and Calgary lost, but Philly won. Round 2 starts tomorrow.

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