Monday, April 21, 2008

Great Weekend

Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Friday night, which was yet another tremendously funny Apatow production (although he did little else). Mila Kunis has no ass, but was still great in this. Go see it. That was followed up with some tasty pizza and a pretty solid Ketel One martini. I naturally forgot the leftover pizza on the table as we left. D'Oh. I now owe my friend a pizza. This naturally means I'll be looking up thin crust recipes and figuring out what flavours I want to use. Red pepper sauce? Ginger-wasabi shrimp? Spinach?

Saturday was oddly busy yet not. It started around 12:30 with some errands and such. In the end, there wasn't much to show for it. Some fiberglass bug screen, magnets, hooks, beer, carbon filters, a clean car... yet somehow it took 6 hours. But it was capped off with one of the most awesome chill dinners ever, on a balcony with a pitcher of sangria and a bunch of cold foods that required minimal effort to prepare. Oh, and Guitar Hero... after a pitcher of sangria.

Sunday was poker day. I demolished the home game I was invited to. 13 or 14 runners, $20 buy-in, rebuys... over $700 in the pot by the end. I didn't rebuy or add-on. One table had 90% of the rebuys... it wasn't mine. When we merged, the stack sizes were ridculously disproportionate. So much so that one guy bet that nobody from my table would make the cash (top 4, 9 left at the time, 4 from my table). My buddy N took the bet, depsite being from the rebuy-heavy table. Naturally, this became a challenge. About 5 hands later I had sextupled up and rolled on from there. Final 3 were all from my table. HU ended when we were DEAD EVEN in chips and my JQc beat A9o. $360 for $20 and 5 hours... not bad. The win was also the biggest this group has ever had, so it moved me right to the top of the leaderboard for the TOC. Not bad since this is the first game of the year I've been able to make.

I Came home to Donkette inviting me (via MiniDonk via Donkette's girly chat account) to Uncle Chuck's Basement tourney. $4 rebuy. I was all over the place just having fun and ended up out 10th when my 88 ran into Lucko's TT. I had the chip lead about 3 times over the course of the game, but Change100 kept taking my chips no matter what the situation was when they went in. Oh, and one terrible call on the river by me to Buddy's turned straight. I KNEW it was an OBFV, and I still called. Oops. I probably still lose it all to Lucko anyway. A shame, since I was feeling good about that one.

Jays beat Detroit twice over the weekend after losing Friday, but that puts them in 3rd behind Baltimore and the BoSox. 2.5 games back. To alleviate this problem, they released Frank Thomas over the weekend. Whatever the reasons, this makes the team leaner and puts Matt Stairs at DH where he belongs. Once Adam Lind is healthy, expect him in LF with Shannon Stewart, which is a much better platoon than Stewart/Stairs.

Round 1 of the NHL playoffs is wrapping up as well. Dallas knocked out the defending champs last night, Detroit finally finished off Nashville, Colorado took out the Wild, and the Rangers took out the Devils. This leaves 3 series to be decided. Boston has somehow tied up their series with Montreal at 3-3, which does NOT bode well for the Canadiens this evening. Calgary won their game last night to go to game 7 against San Jose, which has held up better than I expected. Philly still leads their series with Washington 3-2, and SHOULD be able to wrap that up tonight. Talk about some great matchups.

Round 2 is shaping up to be pretty solid to. The only possible bad matchup would be Pittsburgh-Boston if the Bruins beat the Habs tonight. Where Montreal hasn't been able to score and their defence is collapsing around their rookie goaltender, Pittsburgh is doing just fine. No way Boston can match up against them. I'd much rather see Pittsburgh-New York and Montreal-Philly. Pennsylvania represent? Although an even BETTER (yet more unlikely) round 2 in the east could be Pittsburgh-Washington and Montreal-New York, which would be epic. Ovechkin vs Malkin/Crosby, and two more original 6 teams facing off.

In the West, Round 2 is a bit more defined. I'm pulling for Detroit-Calgary and Dallas-Colorado, but Detroit-Colorado and San Jose-Dallas would also be a great round.

Any way, my Detroit-Pittsburgh final is still looking good. Not that I wouldn't mind seeing a Canadian team make it in. Admittedly, Detroit-Montreal (or Detroit-New York, or Detroit-Boston even) would be full of original 6 nostalgia and history. The picture will be clearer around 10pm tonight. Oddly enough, the same time the MATH starts up. Make sure you come out for everyone's favourite 6-max, doublestack, $26 NLHE game. 10pm EST on Full Tilt, password is hammer.

And let's get started in those token frenzies! THE BIG GAME is this Sunday. You know you wanna.

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