Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I played in the Skill Series last night. Limit Omaha H/L. I never quite got my head tuned just right to the game. In other words, I constantly forgot about the low. That said, playing for the high did pretty well for me during the first couple hours. In the end though, when you're only playing for half the pot, you go out 36th of 90.

Yup, I prefer Omaha Hi. Thinking is hard! But I still obviously did more thinking than some of the players I saw. Let's review 2 simple SIMPLE Omaha rules:

1.- You don't get to play all 4 cards dipshit. You only get to play 2 of yours and 3 of the board's. So if there's 3 tens on the board and an ace, and you have one ace, you have a set, not a boat.

2.- 4th pair is not the nuts. In fact, you have nothing at all.

And for H/L:

3.- See #1 - If there aren't 3 cards 8 or lower on the board, you don't have the low.

And here's one more:

4.- Constantly re-raising preflop with multiple players is idiotic in limit Omaha. Doing so on a 1-suit flop when you don't have any of that suit or at least the A of that suit, and there are 4 players in the hand, is also completely retarded. Especially 4-way. Someone is raising because they have the flush, someone else is doing it because they have the low, and whoever is calling has the nuts or is drawing to them. You don't have a hope in hell. It's called pot control, look into it.

And I don't claim to have any clue what I'm talking about, but that's from about 30 seconds of thought being put into the game. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong... just be sure to explain why.

Winning a $22 Turbo SnG before hitting the hay at least gave me a little profit for the night.

There's some sort of poker game tonight at 10pm on Full Tilt for $10+1 with the password vegas1. It's called The Mowkey or something. I may be there. I'm hitting the club and playing live, so it depends on my performance there.


lucko said...

Its such a terrible game, but watching people butcher it is pretty funny. People calling raises, even reraising with 4 middle cards is just pure gold.

BWoP said...

I think you should write a book about Omaha strategy.

You are definitely a master compared to most.

RaisingCayne said...

I must admit I was one of the many complete donkeys at that skillz game last night. I have NO place at an OmahaHiLo table!

One small correction to your notes though:
"...on a 1-suit flop when you don't have any of that suit or at least the A of that suit, and there are 4 players in the hand, is also completely retarded..."
I believe even having just the A of that suit is still completely retarded as, like you mention, Omaha requires two of your hole cards! (Evidently I like to split hairs, pardon my pointless point.)

Astin said...

Note how I claim to not have a clue :)

You are, of course, right Cayne.