Friday, April 11, 2008

Just One Game

I'm taking a break from poker.

For the weekend.

Except the freeroll I'm in on Sunday.

Maybe it'll extend into next week as well.

I'm on tilt from the number of terrible beats I've had the past few weeks.  I get in way ahead and then lean back waiting for the 2-outer to hit.  It does.  Always.  I watch people call down with an inside straight draw and catch against my hard-bet set.  I'm tired of making poor decisions out of frustration because my good ones are being screwed. I think I've watched about 3 hands actually hold up the past week.

So I'm running bad. I'm sick of it. I'm taking some time off before I blow through my bankroll again.

Oddly enough, the BBT has nothing to do with this, even though I haven't been running well in that of late either. Those ones I can usually attribute to my own folly. Ie.- Last night I pushed my TP into Bone Daddy's flopped straight. He'd been aggressive the whole time and I figured him for a bluff. I was wrong. But then, that's the whole point of playing a loose-aggressive game, to sucker in people when you ARE strong.

So no poker tonight (Raptor's game) or tomorrow, and just a freeroll from This is The Nuts on Sunday. With luck, I'll have other ways to occupy my time anyway.

We'll see about the MATH on Monday. I can guarantee I won't be playing the Skill Game on Tuesday. Limit Stud H/L? Like I need that aggravation.

Jays got swept by Oakland. So the weak point seems to be that they can't fucking finish a game. They catch up again and again in game 1 and lose. They're up the whole game in 2 and Accardo blows the save. Game 3 they tie in the late innings and then lose in extra. That's a mindset thing if anything. The question is - is it Gibbons' fault or the players?

As for NHL playoffs - Pittsburgh and Montreal are looking pretty dominant in their series, as expected. I imagine Detroit should roll over Nashville too. Washington-Philly should be a hard-fought good series. Rangers-Devils could be long too. Despite last night's game, I can't see Dallas geting by Anaheim. Calgary-San Jose will get good and ugly before it's over. And Colorado should be able to handle Minnesota.

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Guin said...

My pens are looking great! Trying to find a broker that is willing to get me to a game later on in the playoffs.... I think my commish will have to go up 10x to make something like that happen... grrr.

I really think Dallas can get through the first round but how far all depends on Turco holding up. Anaheim really lost some speed this year and that is going to cause them to lose early.

Going to Vegas for the first time later this week... hopefully if you stop by the Duke one night this week I will run into you.