Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meh and Fun

Out early in the Mookie last night. Just not my night. I felt off when I sat down to play, and it continued through my game. I bubbled The Dookie... shame. But instead of going to bed, I installed Teamspeak and joined in at BDR as Guest1.

Where I ended up having a blast as LJ pushfest her way to 20th place in a 90-player $3+0.30 KO SnG. Oh were the other players pissed. Right up until she went out, she just about couldn't possibly miss. 4-straights, 4-flushes, two pair, A3 against AQ and catching the 3, etc.. She was en feu. KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!

I also railed PirateLawyer as he FINALLY took down his BBT3 TOC seat in the Mookie. Dude's been trying like mad of late and been playing some pretty decent poker only to lose races and miss outs and get sucked out on. Maybe now he'll shut up. :) I kid! Congrats on the win, it's well-deserved.

Two lawyers mentioned in one post? Crazy.

Oh, I also played in the blogger cash game, bought in for $4, lost, rebought for another $4, got that to $36, and then gave it all away. $8 of fun.

Riverchasers is tonight. Back to standard doublestack NLHE, as it is meant to be. I have the feeling I was going to do something tonight though. I can't remember what. It likely involved cleaning. Joy. Well, if I can't remember, it's now changed to playing poker. Yay! Oh, maybe that was the plan... go play some live Omaha. Or maybe it's sleep after only 4 or 5 hours last night.

Oh, and as decided, dinner last night switched. Nice and SPICY (8 peppers (black, pink, cayenne, chili, mexican chili, ancho, chipotle, habanero), garlic, two hot sauces... I totally should have tossed in the szechuan pepper too, damn) chicken wrap with bacon, lettuce, tomato, roasted red pepper, applewood cheddar, sour cream, spicy sundried tomato pesto, and onions. Side of light-flavoured home fries.

Tonight will probably be the pasta.

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