Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Almost Booked

So let's say I'm 99.9999% going to Austin (read: Leander) for Weekend at Mookie's. I like to leave a margin for meteor strike.

I just need my flights confirmed (arriving Friday afternoon, leaving Sunday afternoon), and figure out which hotel I'm going to stay at. My other "friends" who live in Austin are apparently going to San Fran that weekend, so I won't have to split my time between groups. It's all bloggers (and 1 degree from bloggers), all the time for me!



mookie99 said...

We still have room at the Big O if you wanna stay with us (Don, Chad, Riggs, CK and Donkette).

Astin said...

Can't really see how I could say no to that offer!

I'm in.

mookie99 said...

Cool, we'll reserve a room for you.

Are you going to be golfing in the tournament on Saturday?

BWoP said...


Unknown said...