Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sports Report

Pittsburgh swept Ottawa out of the first round last night. This was totally expected by everyone, including Ottawa. Well, everyone but Fuel. So if the Pens purposely played for 2nd place to face the Sens in the first round - good call by them. Ottawa is a mess. Redden said he didn't see big changes, just some tweaks coming. Translation - he's gone. Emery's history too, and will be picked up by some team who thinks they can take his prima donna attitude. 11 free agents on a very talented team means a new look next year. I wonder if any will find their way into the Blue and White... I hope not.

Boston and Montreal could wrap up tonight if Les Habitants take it down. I didn't see the Bruins getting out of this series anyway, the only question is how many games it takes. Price had a good win the other day with his 1-0 shutout, but the Canadiens have to score to win. The power play is hurting in the playoffs, and it was their bread and butter in the regular season.

I have to say I'm a bit surprised by the Rangers 3-1 series lead over the Devils. New Jersey has been a consistently solid team over the years, and Brodeur is the x-factor that you can't discount. They play tomorrow, and even down 3-1, I can't count the Devils out. That said, it's looking like New York's series.

Washington-Philly, Calgary-San Jose, Anaheim-Dallas, and Colorado-Minnesota are also tonight. Those are some good matchups. I'm surprised the Avalanche-Wild are tied up at 2, but that could just be my ignorance of the Wild. I'm still picking Colorado to take it. Calgary and San Jose tied at 2 isn't that big a surprise, and San Jose owes a bunch to Thorton for his winning goal in the last game. I'm still picking the Flames to win it though. Except them to come out hitting tonight.

Philly over Washington in the series, despite the best efforts of Ovechkin. Not sure who takes it tonight though. I get the feeling Washington does, since the Flyers have a tendency to get complacent and cocky with a lead.

As for Anaheim-Dallas... I think the Ducks win tonight and tie the series. They know it's essentially must-win if they want a shot at the series. Expect some physical play. Don't be surprised if someone gets a hurt real bad.

Baseball - Jays and Orioles are now tied for second, 1/2 game behind both the Yankees and Sox. No surprise there, as it's early and there's lots of movement. Last night's marathon for the Jays against the Rangers was tough to watch. They emptied the bullpen and had to bring in Burnett for extra-innings relief. He starts in two days. There's no way he comes in at his best in this situation, and it showed as he gave up the win. Let's hope it doesn't affect his start. Unless Gibbons moves him down a spot in the order and has McGowan start in his spot. That wouldn't be a terrible thing to do anyway. Big 9th to tie it up for the Jays, and a few opportunities in the extras that didn't materialize. They need to finish off these comebacks.

But with Halladay starting tonight, I expect a Jays win. He's going to clamp down hard the day after a loss, especially with the bullpen exhausted. This will be Doc's thought process - "Shit, these guys fuck up my games when they're rested. There's no way I'm letting anybody screw me over today." Complete game Halladay. With luck it won't be 1-0. Watch for the big swings from the Jays tonight. 14 innings can hurt your running game more than your hitting game.

And of course, there's the Riverchasers at 9 on Full Tilt. I'm already registered, are you? Limit Hold'em is the game. Probably doublestacks. Sweeet merciful crap on a stick is this going to go late. Luckily, it starts at 9 instead of 10. I hate limit, but at least with Hold'em, the thinking gets reduced from Stud or Omaha.

Can't wait until the PL HA Skill Game on Tuesday though. That could be awesome.


Fuel55 said...

I was just trying to support the CDN teams ...

Corron said...

A Philly vs. Montreal series would be sweet..... top 2 PPs in the league...

Shrike said...

I agree.

Too bad they aren't playing up to their regular-season PP rankings though.