Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ahead for the Day

Short version:

Stars - lose a bunch of 1-table SnG's, make it back and then some in cash.

Tilt - 7th in the mookie = cash and 2nd consecutive final table, and some much-neeeded BBT points.
- 117/1395 in the 26k, top 224 paid. 2nd time playing, 2nd cash.

The 26k has to be the softest tournament in existence. I think I won about 14 hands, and knocked out 10 people. If it wasn't for a AK vs AQ suckout on the turn (money in on the flop and the only suckout against me), I'd have been dominating the thing. My ONLY mistake was pushing with KQo in the cutoff with 2 limpers, M=6, and running into AQo in the BB. Crippled me, and while I was able to chip back up a bit, A8 didn't beat AQ in the end.

The money was tiny, but it was good to be up at the end of the day.

And my Stars account should get a boost soon. Full Contact Poker is merging with Stars, and I have a few hundred bucks over there. I doubled my roll on that site the last day of its operation, and cashed out some bonus money to boot.

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