Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Missed the MATH last night, but as I said, no complaints. I'll miss the Mookie on Wednesday as well, which means I fully expect to find myself around the 20s in the BBT leaderboard by the time next week's MATH rolls around.

Then I'll have no chance but to storm back into the top 10 with a vengeance, and eventually pull out the last-minute 1st place victory! Or not. Whatever.

Because really, it's all about VEGAS! Less than 59 hours to go until I'm airborne! Room's booked, flights have me listed somewhere on them, the Canadian dollar is kicking all sorts of ass... all I have to do is pack and get to the airport on time (the former being much easier than the latter).

There's a very high probability of me heading over to TI to play in their $60 11am tournament on Friday... or maybe the 2pm. Hell, they run 6 a day, and I love 'em. Anybody else want to low-roll with me? I imagine the lines will be much shorter than at the WSOP, and you can tell the difference between a 6 and a 9.

Considering the nights will be full of the alcohol, and Saturday's going to be largely taken up by the WBPT tourney, Friday may be my only solid chance for overzealous gambling. Craps? Check. Slots? You betcha. Poker? Why the hell not. Blackjack? Sorry, I can sleep in my room.

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lj said...

i'm down for just about any tournament that doesn't cost $1500. i'll email you and maybe we could meet up thurs night before bowling (if you're still planning on that)