Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tonight's Menu

Might as well keep this going for the week.

Assuming I head home soon after work (as opposed to drinking), I've got me a plan.

Going back to a recipe I whipped up a few months ago and can't believe I haven't revisted. I (as always) will be changing it up a bit.

Grilled wild Pacific Salmon filet (far and away my favourite fish) in a peach and mint reduction with baked sweet potato fries and steamed green beans. The only question is if I go with lime or lemon, that'll be a game time decision.

Still have fruit compote and some of the rosé left over from yesterday to finish it off. Maybe a gimlet after dinner, especially if I go with lime. Follow that all up with some fifty-fifty and 26k action.

I think I've got Friday's figured out too. Much simpler, but no less tasty.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I personally like your cooking tidbits. If you get tired of posting cooking stuff on a daily basis, at the very least, it can become your weekly thing. Like oossuuu754 does with his "That's Just Wrong" on Wednesdays, once a week can be your cooking corner. Just a thought.