Monday, June 04, 2007


The "bleh" is a comedown from "ARRRRGH!!!"

A couple hands of note come to mind.

I find AKo early in the 19k, raise pre-flop and get two callers. Flop comes KQ5 and I bet out over 1/2 the pot, getting one caller. I put him on a Q. Turn is T, bet, call. AJ? River is 6, check, bet.... I call. He flips over 56o??? I'm down, but not quite crippled. Bottom pair shitty kicker is gold with 2 overs and then a straight draw on the board? Wow.

Up and down a bit, and soon very short stacked. Same guy, I have KTs or somesuch, board of QKx. I push my last hundred or so chips, and get called. He flips over hilton sisters of course, and I'm history. I hate when donkeys find a hand.

Daily Double - I cashed in one, went out in 4oo-something in the other. The one I went out in though had this brilliant play by me:

I have AQs in MP, with a limp on my right. I raise to 3x the BB and the limper calls. Flop comes AAT, and the limper thinks and bets the pot. I "think" for a bit... and then hit FOLD!!! I almost threw my mouse across the room. Total mental breakdown on that one cost me a pot of at least 13 BB, and would have been more. I guess these things happen... grrr.

MATH tonight. I may be late, but I'm pretty sure I'll make it. If I don't, I won't mind - Python trumps Poker.

A 12-year old??? I have scotch older than that! (btw - it's quite good). I think that kid knocked me out with a suckout too. Still, I find it pretty funny.


81 hours and change until I'm airborne to VEGAS BABY! If I thought I couldn't get the Elvis out of my head before, the next 3 days will be maddening. Viva... VIVA.... LAS VEGAAAAAS!

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