Friday, June 22, 2007

Subtle Difference

Tonights meal?

Burger and Fries.


Elk burger with applewood smoked cheddar, organic beefsteak tomato, baby arugula, carmelized red onion, Kozlik's sweet and smokey mustard, and possibly some homemade aioli, I'm thinking garlic. Haven't decided on the bun yet, but it should be fresh. I was thinking onion earlier, but I think that might be too much. Something plain, maybe whole-grain?

And a repeat of the baked sweet potato fries from last night. Maybe the same spices, or maybe something a bit hotter. Hmmm... dill might be an interesting complement.

Burgers and fries call for beer to be drunk with them. Look at the right sidebar for the available selection. I'm leaning towards Blanche de Chambly. Then again, even though it doesn't work at all with the meal, there's a bottle of gewurztraminer in my fridge calling out to me... or any number of the reds on hand. Tough call, but I think the beer has to win this one.

Dessert is undecided. I don't have the time tonight to make ice cream, but my dulce de leche or mint chocolate chunk would be nice. Or I wish I had time to make a raspberry mousse. Since these aren't viable options, it will likely be some sort of bought ice cream and the fruit I have available.

Oh, and I'll probably throw together some mint lemonade while making dinner. It'd be great this weekend.


lj said...

good lord! homemade aioli? "make" ice cream? you are so gourmet!! i would go w/ the onion, cause it sounds like it would make the whole thing even better, but i'll be curious what you decide on. you'll be posting pics, right?

like hoy, i will also be hitting those token frenzies w/ a vengeance, but i believe you've already registered for the big game, no?

see you in the donkament.

Fuel55 said...

You need a wife.

Astin said...

Aioli's a breeze to make - oil, egg, salt and whatever flavour you're aiming for.

Ice cream's a bit trickier, but what's the point of having an ice cream maker if you aren't going to use it?

I've already got carmelized onions on the burger itself, so I think an onion bun is overkill. We'll see what happens. Of course there will be pics :).

And yup, registered in the Big Game already, but I can always use more tokens. Won't be making the donkament tonight, I need to explore the world outside my condo and see a movie instead.

Fuel - that's a whole other story. But really, at this point I think a wife needs me. Now if my friends would stop asking "How the hell are you single?" and start hooking me up already...

Irongirl01 said...

Wow you are a man after my own tummy... Carmelized onion, Aioli, homemade mayo (piece of cake baby).. My favs this time of year... Homemade guacamole, salsa and gazpacho......

Ive been menu planning my thank you for staking me, Wsop ME sendoff and happy retirement dinner for Snake (which is going to have to wait till after the Main Event). Thanks for the ideas.. I think you need to start a food blog..