Monday, June 18, 2007

Wish it Was Me

Congrats to Fuel for taking down a seat to the WSOP Main Event in the Stars 150 Guaranteed last night. I was railing him for the last couple hours, also known as the most painful "bubble" in online poker. Since I have almost nobody in the girly chat, I was texting him as it went.

He had an M of 7 when I tuned in, and played enough hands to float around that level the whole time. If you have any sort of stack with < 300 runners left, it's not a hard game, just a tedious one. First to raise generally wins, and if you get re-popped, fold. As it got tighter, anybody with a brain and some chips folds aces. I watched some moron push his last 5k in the cut-off with A2o pre-flop with 4 left to the money. Damn but I wish I was able to play yesterday. Even if it took around 10 hours to get from 6800 to 220.

My big accomplishment? Level 1 Peep for a cheap Hoy buy-in. Seems somehow pale in comparison. That said, I'm feeling pretty good about by game of late, and think I could have killed in the 150 Guaranteed. Not too many chances left for an ME seat. I haven't really made the attempts I did last year, mostly because life keeps getting in the way, depriving me of the necessary time to throw endless gobs of cash at poker.

Speaking of Hoy, he's a got a tiltastic post up from Friday where he exposes the dirty secrets of the top 10 in the BBT. I'm not surprised by his read of me, and there's some accuracy there, but as usual, my game is deeper and more adaptive than people think, which I'm happy about. Posts like that make me smile.

I'm also itching for some more live action. I think I'll have to swing by the club some time this week. My confidence is at a high, and there's some fish in that barrel that could use a bullet or two.


katitude said...

Let me know what day you're going, I may join you!

Schaubs said...

I was just reading this post when you sent me a comment on my blog. Weird. Cool. Weird.

lightning36 said...

I'll be using the Hoy info in the next tournament ... he he ...