Thursday, June 21, 2007

We Now Return to...

Back to Poker for this post.

Mookie, 26k, and 50-50 tonight. 3 tables = bad idea. But I managed.

26k - out 500-something out of 1133. Don't even remember how.

Mookie - I don't think I've ever seen cards like this. Pocket Aces 3 times, Cowboys at least 4 times, Hiltons twice, AK at least twice, and more medium pocket pairs than I can count. JJ turned into quads on the river to beat pocket Kings at one point. Hoy might be on to something. Then again, I had pocket kings totally counterfeited with quad 9's with an A kicker on the board.

Oh, and I finished 4th for about $90. Bayne_s won, so there goes any chance I have of catching 1st in the BBT. No worries, but since when does 66 beat AJo? Kaellinn18 is on my list now. ;)

You see, I should have done better at the Mookie final table with the stack I had, but I was distracted by the Fifty-Fifty. Roll was short, so I refilled to play. Only two pictures count.

Good call me. Went out with a short (M ~= 2) push of KQs in LP into A8s in the blinds. K on the flop! A on the turn. Bah. What ya gonna do? I'm not going to complain too much about 30th.

Thanks to InstantTragedy and Chad for railing for a bit. Ditto LJ and Fuel earlier on.

And yah, it's a crapshoot. Good thing I love craps.


Chad C said...

The 50-50 is definitely not a crap shoot :)

Astin said...

Well, it's certainly not the donkfest/minefield the 26k is, and solid play can get you to the money. After that though, I saw a few pretty... shall we say questionable moves. At least the all-in and big bets are generally respected.

lj said...

dude, nice work! and damn, you are some sort of gourmet cook or something!

Matt Silverthorn said...

I think we all know how much the JackAce sucks; you should know better. Good playing with you in the Mookie, and congrats on the finish in the 50-50. I look forward to remaining on your list.

bayne_s said...

You did not mention to me you loved Craps while we were in Vegas!


Astin said...

Matt - JackAce is gold in blogger events! You totally should have folded your sixes to my push. :)

LJ - ha! I just like to cook and have the palate for it.

Sorry Bayne, we obviously didn't talk enough. Considering craps was one of the few things I was UP at in Vegas, I should have played more.