Monday, June 25, 2007

Drawing to a Close

The BBT is winding down. 4 more events and then a few weeks until the freeroll. I plan to be in every one of them.

The Big Game might be interesting, as once again it's a Canadian long weekend and I'll be at a friend's place for BBQ, fireworks, and games (likely of the video variety this time). Seeing as this resulted in a 7th place bubble for me last time, this could be a good thing as far as points are concerned.

I've been a decent run of late in these. Final table bubble in the MATH, 3 consecutive final tables in the Mookie, 2 of those cashes, and 13th in the Riverchasers HORSE (which I suck at, so any points are good there). I plan to continue it tonight at the Hoy. I want top 5 dammit.

I expect I'll be multi-tabling with the Fifty-Fifty as well. I'll probably forgo the 26k tonight and let Chad win that one again. Unless I happen to have an extra token, then he'll have to fight for it.

Yes, I've been luckboxy of late, but I think my overall play is still in pretty good shape. I think I'm going to try a slightly different approach in one of the MTTs tonight and see how it works for me. Chances are it will result in a brilliant flame-out before the first level is out.

And for all you food fans... I think I'm getting take-out tonight - I just have too much crap to get done. Did a pretty awesome honey-garlic elk sausage and maple cheddar grilled cheese on rye last night though (thanks to the same friend who was responsible for the paprika on the fries). Tomorrow is Ruth's Chris for an overdue birthday dinner I owe. Oh, and lunch today was a selection of the best sushi in the city from Doku 15. If you're in Toronto and like sushi? Go. Just be sure to bring a chunk of your bankroll to pay for it.

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Chad C said...

You have to be a luckbox to get through a mine field of bloggers!