Friday, June 22, 2007

Letting the Door Hit Me In the Ass

Excellent, a comment from the Blogfather himself. Now I need to swing a link from him and I'm set :).

Anyway, last night's poker excursions are best forgotten. I played like a complete and total donk in the 26k and 50-50, going out in the mid-high hundreds in each. I remember only one beat, where I flopped a straight (yes Fuel, I know), a flush draw came on the turn, but I KNEW my opponent didn't have it, so I called his all-in... and he rivered the full boat. Argh. That hurt, but not critically. But no cards, no respect for my bets, and no winning. At least the 26k was paid for by a token.

I also donked out 100th in the $75 frenzy.

Then I dumped more money in a cash game, and finished off my night by donking away (purposefully) in a $3 rebuy on Stars for the Sunday ME qualifier. My favourite hand in that one went something like this:

Suited one-gapper cheap flop. OESD nothing in my suit on the flop, two spades. Bet, called. Turn brings a 3rd spade. I check, bet all-in, I call. Buddy flips over As9o. I river my straight.

His immediate comment? "Donk call."

I reply with, "Rebuy." and then... "Donk bet."

I later rivered another straight against him and he stopped buying back in.

Congrats to Hoy and Iak for going deep in the 50-50, Iak for going deep in the 19k, LJ for cashing in the 26k, Don for using everything Waffles has tought him in the 26k, and Waffles for donking his way into the cash in the 26k (I KID! Sheesh). I've probably missed people. I know Chad was in there too, but I think went out early in each as well. Anybody else? Regardless, these games are rapidly becoming blogger favourites, which is awesome. Keep coming, there's plenty of room.


lj said...

so you guys spell favorite w/ a u up there in canada also, eh?

thanks for the shout. i wanted to write about my midnight madness and 26k cashes (woo hoo) but i can't remember any hands, and pokeroffice isn't working.

Astin said...

Yes, we do spell it properly up here.

You deserved it. I'm just happy to see success starting to spread across the sphere. I think it means people are learning.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the 50-50, Astin. I mean, Chad says it's great, but that donkey king final tables everything so I have to take that with a grain of salt. And Waffles says it's a good tournament too, but we know his deep run this week was just dumb luck. You on the other hand know what you're doing in these things, and were probably the thing that put me over the edge as far as looking into checking this tournament out. I definitely plan to be there in the future some times.

In the meantime, I'm planning to start another barrage on that 9:45pm ET token frenzy to get into Don's Big Game all next week. Maybe you can help round up some more bloggahs in your posts here as well. Like you I am all about the community thang.

Enjoy the burger. Throw some bacon on that shit, and then fry an egg on top if you're really feeling manly.

Astin said...

Thanks Hoy, glad to hear my opinion carries some weight :).

I've already got my token to the Big Game and was the first to sign up. But it's still pretty likely I'll be in a few of the frenzies leading up to it, they have plenty of uses.

I thought about bacon on the burger, but I'm trying to keep the elk and cheddar the focus. When I grill up some beef patties, you'd better believe there's bacon on those babies.

Still have yet to toss a fried egg on though.