Friday, June 29, 2007

Miss Celaney

Uneventful night in poker. I had a lvl 1 token I used for the 26k, I spent $4 on a $2 rebuy satellite to the 50-50, and played in the Riverchasers event.

Out within 5 minutes of each other for the 26k and 50-50, after a little over 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours respectively. Out 11th in the RC. Was down in all 3 at one point and chipped back up, which was nice. 50-50 and 26k were both shitty hands to go out on where I went with the semi-steal and found myself committed pre-flop in one and commited post-flop in another. The riverchasers was just a case of a very slow final two tables and me not upping the aggression appropriately. I don't know when I became so weak-tight again around bubbles, I have to fix that. Totally should have called that re-pop from Waffles.

This is one reason I don't like the run of starting hands I've had recently (it was cooler last night, but still AA once, QQ twice, and AK twice I think). It handicaps any other poker skills I had because I start to expect the big hands eventually and figure, "why spew chips now when I can lure in a big one later?" Time to shake that.

I did fire up a $1 1-table SnG before calling it a night in an attempt to give my inner donkey something to do. I failed miserably, as I couldn't resist folding crappy cards that I WANTED to call 2 all-ins with. Naturally, these flopped the nuts (97o = two pair and then the boat, 85o flops nut straight, etc.). I went out 7th after I finally donked properly and spewed chips like I had some sort of poker salmonella.

All-in-all though, it cost me all of $25 to play in $105 worth of tournaments. Shame I didn't cash in any of them.

All though I did like this comment from Waffles:

"I have notes on you - AA/KK/AK sometimes QQ. I remember when you were a donkey."

BBT is updated, and I'm still in 8th thanks to Hoy winning the Riverchasers last night and leapfrogging into 7th. It's like the anti-Mookie for him. Pretty good for a guy who couldn't point if his life depended on it at the start of this thing. Congrats!

So that leaves Don's Big Game on Sunday. Just like last time, I'll be at a BBQ with friends while playing. It worked out okay then, here's hoping for an even better showing this time around. Top 10 is still anybody's game, as is the top 5. Take over those token frenzies and peeps to get into this one. It should be HUGE with some serious money on the line. Password, as always, is "donkey".


No pictures, but dinner was simple last night - vegetable rotini with chicken, honey-garlic elk sausage, bacon, zucchini, red & yellow peppers, garlic, yellow onion, and vodka sauce. The one thing of note? I pan-fried skinless chicken breast for the pasta and it tasted like KFC.

11 herbs and spices my ass.

Cast iron pan.
Little bit of vegetable oil.
Fried up some bacon first.
Left the bacon fat in the pan, added a bit of salted butter. (who wants healthy?)
Threw in the chicken.
Added fresh ground salt, fresh ground coarse pepper, chili powder, and a little bit of cayenne.

Tasty. In reality, I think all you need for KFC taste is MSG or lots of salt. :)


Birthdays this weekend, Canada Day BBQ and Fireworks on Sunday with The Big Game, and Monday is a day off. I love long weekends.

I think I'm going to try making some white chocolate raspberry cookies for one of the birthdays. Also going to bring some elk to that one, since the host is a vegetarian and I needs me my meat. Does that make me an asshole? She said to BYOM, so I think not.

That and I'll be the go-to BBQ guy at the Sunday BBQ. Seems I'm the only one who can marinate chicken breasts properly and work the grill. It's not that hard, really. Here's hoping she doesn't run out of propane again.


With the WSOP satellites over, I should figure out how to use my roll on Stars. Iak's got me thinking the $10k guarantee isn't a bad idea. Although once the BBT stuff is over, I think I'm going to spend a few weeks getting my cash game back up to snuff.

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